• Catherine McKinnell MP
    Catherine McKinnell MP
  • IPT Industry Visit to McLaren
    Parliamentarians pictured at McLaren Technology Centre
  • IPT 40th Anniversary Downing Street
  • Kevan Jones MP at Heathrow Airport
    Kevan Jones MP visit to Heathrow Airport as part of his IPT Fellowship
  • Heather Wheeler MP Visits Toby Anstis at Heart FM!
    Heather Wheeler MP Visits Toby Anstis at Heart FM!
  • Sir David Amess MP Opening IPT exhibition
    Sir David Amess MP Opening IPT exhibition.
  • IPT Fellowship Visit to Landau, South Africa
    IPT Fellowship Visit to Landau, South Africa.
  • John Pugh MP and Amanda Solloway MP Tideway
  • Rt Hon Nicky Morgan MP Fellowship
    Rt Hon Nicky Morgan MP's Manufacturing Fellowship
  • Lord Watts IPT Fellowship

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The IPT is an independent, non-lobbying and non-partisan charity that provides unique platforms of engagement between Parliament and UK business.

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Rt Hon the Theresa May MP
The Rt Hon Theresa May MP, First Lord of the Treasury , Minister for the Civil Service and Prime Minister

"Since it was founded in 1977, the IPT has dedicated itself to bridging the gap between legislators and the business community. All parliamentarians should have a good understanding of business, and it is vital Parliament understands the pressures businesses face as they look to expand and provide the jobs and prosperity we need. The IPT’s unique Fellowship programme is an opportunity to acquire a greater understanding of industry through direct experience spent with organisations, whether FTSE100 multinationals or SMEs, across the UK. It helps immensely in developing a two-way dialogue that can only benefit us all."