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Resilient Futures: Perspectives on Europe’s Energy and Financial Future

On Tuesday 15 September 2015, the Industry and Parliament Trust published the final collection of essays following the completion of the Resilient Futures Programme.

Having launched the programme in March, Resilient Futures explored two of Europe’s largest industries within the context of understanding how both markets are adapting to future challenges. Working in collaboration with the European Commission, BBA, Energy UK and the University of Birmingham, Resilient Futures explored both energy and finance over the course of nine sessions, with participants from business, academia and Parliament contributing to the discussions.

The final reception was an opportunity to launch the final collection of essays, with participants from the programme contributing their own or their company’s perspectives on how businesses and government can work together to effectively ensure sustainable energy supply and resilient finance respectively.

Speaking at the event, Baroness Scott of Needham Market, Anthony Browne and Lawrence Slade all commended the report – entitled Resilient Futures: Perspectives on Europe’s Energy and Financial Future – for approaching such a timely issue, in a way that accumulates a collection of different perspectives. On 11 September, the House of Lords EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee, of which Baroness Scott is the Chair, launched its inquiry into EU Energy Governance, and at the reception Lady Scott noted that she would look forward to receiving evidence as compelling as that found in the essays within the final report.

Themes explored during the Resilient Futures report include:

  • Energy: Affordability, Security of Supply, Diversification and Innovation of Sources, Carbon Reduction.
  • Finance: Regulation and Harmonisation, Capital Markets Union, Ending Too Big to Fail, Banking Recovery and Resolution, Comparing Regulation Within and Outside the Eurozone.

Anthony Brown, Chief Executive of BBA said “This report points to a number of key regulatory developments such as bank structural reform, recovery and resolution, and banking union. However, as well as examining the resilience of financial institutions and markets following the crisis, the programme looks ahead to explore how the industry can drive economic growth in the UK and EU.”

Lawrence Slade, Chief Executive of Energy UK said “It is fairly easy to argue that there has never been a busier time for energy in Europe. With the 2030 Framework underway, Energy Union beginning to take shape and a number of other initiatives behind all that, the Industry and Parliament Trust’s Resilient Futures programme could not be more timely.”

For more information about the Resilient Futures Programme, click here.