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The health sector is the third largest contributor to economic growth in the UK with more than 4,000 companies employing around 160,000 people.

The IPT undertakes a broad range of activities relevant to businesses in the health sector and holds a series of discussions on public health, pharmaceutical and ethics topics where there are areas of interest to Parliament following recent legislation.

Health Fellowship: Rt Hon Baroness Hayman GBE

Health Fellowship: Rt Hon Baroness Hayman GBE

The Rt Hon Baroness Hayman GBE began her Fellowship in health and corporate social responsibility at the end of 2011 following the completion of her tenure as Lord Speaker.

Healthcare of the Future

Healthcare of the Future

On Tuesday 21 February the Industry and Parliament Trust (IPT), in partnership with Innovate UK, hosted a breakfast meeting focused on the topic ‘Healthcare of the Future: Greater Efficiency Through Innovation’.

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