Productivity and People: Poor Management in the UK


Susan Elan Jones MP Petitions Select Committee


Ann Francke, Chief Executive Officer, Chartered Management Institute

Lesley Giles, Director, The Work Foundation

Jenny Cridland, Head of HR Transformation, BAE



Monday, November 06, 2017


7:00 PM


House of Commons

IPT Event Contact:
Georgina Nicolettos

Georgina Nicolettos

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IPT Dinner Discussion

Government research has identified that deficiencies in leadership and management are a key constraint on UK business performance. UK productivity is currently 18% lower than the rest of the G7 and a recent Investors In People report outlined that £84bn is wasted annually in the UK through poor management, with 71% of business failing to invest in their managers. A recent report by The Work Foundation also outlines the importance of strong business leadership, with only one in ten UK businesses deploying high performance working approaches. Work by the CMI shows the benefits of good leadership and strong cultures in terms of improved people productivity and business performance. This dinner discussion will:

  • Consider the importance of successful management for the productivity and growth of UK businesses
  • Explore key aspects of outstanding leadership and effective management practices
  • Discuss the role of Government, outside organisations and the apprenticeship reforms in driving up the UK’s management and leadership capabilities.
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