The Role of the Financial Conduct Authority in 2018 and Beyond


Stephen Hammond MP, Treasury Select Committee


Andrew Bailey, Chief Executive Officer, The Financial Conduct Authority


Monday, December 04, 2017


7:00 PM


House of Commons

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IPT Dinner Discussion

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulates the conduct of more than 56,000 financial businesses in the UK. The success of financial markets continues to have a fundamental impact on the whole of society, making the FCA’s role in regulating to help create fair, honest and well-functioning markets on everyone in the UK imperative. The FCA’s mission statement sets out the authority’s future plans and how it can make the biggest difference in making markets work well now and in the future. This dinner discussion will:

  • Hear from the FCA on the issues and objectives the authority will focus on in 2018
  • Consider how the FCA’s statement will work to protect consumers and financial markets whilst promoting competition in the UK
  • Discuss how the Government can best support the interaction between financial regulation and public policy
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