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Sustainability Fellowship: The Rt Hon Caroline Spelman MP

Caroline Spelman, Member of Parliament for Meriden in the West Midlands, began her Fellowship exploring sustainability in UK businesses in 2012. The Fellowship is spread across a range of sectors and businesses of varying size and has so far seen Caroline undertake placements with Birmingham Airport, BP, Caterpillar, Michelin, Rolls-Royce and Tesco.

Caroline’s motivation for sustainability as a theme stemmed from the integral role she played for the UK leading discussions at the Rio 20+ United Nations conference on Sustainable Development that concluded with The Future We Want – agreed to by all 193 countries. 

Caroline has been looking at the three core areas of sustainability: environmental, social and economic which have incorporated themes such as supply chain, resource, investment and internal culture.

Visits have included looking at sites such as Caterpillar’s European Remanufacturing Centre in Shrewsbury where the business has been providing Remanufacturing Services for many years to both Caterpillar Dealers and Customers across Europe and the Middle East, as well as to the UK MOD. These high technology services include complex core recovery, cleaning, salvage and remanufacturing processes. The resulting "as new, fully warranted" products represent a significant contribution to both the environment and sustainability.

During her visit to BP, Caroline spent time at the company’s corporate headquarters in London discussing a range of core issues surrounding the business’s approach to sustainability and then taking a more direct focus on biofuels, a major growth area for BP.

“I have found my Fellowship with IPT hugely rewarding, giving me an invaluable insight across an exciting scope of key businesses looking towards a sustainable future”.

The Rt Hon Caroline Spelman MP

The Company View

"Caroline's visit was very important for us at Caterpillar as it has ensured that the remanufacturing message can get to the heart of Westminster and therefore contribute directly to awareness and policy thinking in this most important area”.


“We very much enjoyed having Caroline with us at BP. Caroline’s background and past experience meant she was able to ask very specific and insightful questions about our work in the sustainability field and in particular on biofuels”.

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