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Health Fellowship: Rt Hon Baroness Hayman GBE

Rt Hon the Baroness Hayman GBE began her Fellowship in health and corporate social responsibility at the end of 2011 following the completion of her tenure as Lord Speaker. Baroness Hayman’s interest in this area stemmed from her background in health, both inside and outside of Parliament, including Ministerial positions within the Department for Health. Baroness Hayman undertook a series of placements with Anglo American, Bayer, Cisco Healthcare, Johnson & Johnson, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, Sanofi Pasteur MSD, The Gates Foundation, Warwick School of Medicine and the Wellcome Trust.

Baroness Hayman’s Fellowship was extensive, ranging from briefings with leading academics and practitioners within the fields of healthcare systems in Sub-Saharan Africa and Neglected Tropical Diseases, through to visiting major pharmaceutical businesses to gain a deeper insight into medical research, clinical trials and healthcare systems. Baroness Hayman also undertook a visit to South Africa with Anglo American and Johnson & Johnson with a focus on corporate social responsibility. With Anglo American, South Africa’s biggest employer, she gained a first-hand overview of how the business tackles HIV/AIDS within their workforce and broader community and similarly with Johnson & Johnson she examined how, as an organisation, they work with the local government in the Soweto township to support burns victims.

“Having completed my tenure as Lord Speaker I was keen to further my knowledge on what the pharmaceutical industry and other businesses are doing to combat Neglected Tropical Diseases and major health issues such as HIV/AIDS and TB in Sub-Saharan Africa. My Fellowship allowed me to spend time with a range of institutions working on these areas; to see the process from molecule to medicine; and see the impact of community projects on the ground in South Africa. The businesses that hosted me were very supportive and the Fellowship has given me a first-hand insight into some of the challenges and accomplishments being faced by industry in these areas.”

Rt Hon Baroness Hayman GBE

The Company View

“Hosting this Fellowship visit was a very useful way for Anglo American to show what we do in South Africa including how we address some of the wider challenges facing society there, in particular the on-going battle with HIV/AIDS. I was pleased that the IPT parliamentarians saw both the operational side of our work at one of our large coal mines but also had time to visit the poor rural communities from which much of our labour-force comes. It reminded us all that to solve development challenges you need business, government and civil society to pull together”.

Anglo American

“Johnson & Johnson, as the world’s largest healthcare company, have been a supporter of the IPT for several years as they have the laudable objective of bringing together parliamentarians and business leaders, so that we can learn from each other and help Britain prosper all the more. Fellowships are extremely valuable and rewarding for both the parliamentarian and business. As we have such a global footprint, in this instance this was an opportunity to outline our efforts in the UK towards combating HIV/AIDS around the world; and then demonstrate our broader CSR efforts on the ground in South Africa.”

Johnson & Johnson

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