Courts and Tribunals Scheme

Royal Courts of Justice
The Courts and Tribunals Fellowship Scheme offers a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the legal procedure in England and Wales, either as a standalone scheme or as part of the Sector Based Fellowship Scheme.

The Industry and Parliament Trust (IPT), working in collaboration with the Royal Courts of Justice and other senior branches of the judiciary of England and Wales, have developed a Fellowship scheme that seeks to increase the level of understanding between Parliament and the justice system, given that fewer parliamentarians now have a background in practising law.

The scheme allows participants to observe first hand the workings of courts and tribunals, with a particular focus on business-related disputes. The scheme provides a unique opportunity for Members of Parliament, Peers and senior House staff to gain an insight into the legal processes of England and Wales, spending three days with different arms of the judiciary of the participant's choice.

Some example visits are listed below:

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To find out more about the Courts and Tribunals Fellowship, contact the programme coordinator:

Radhika Madlani

Parliamentary Affairs Officer

0207 839 9404

Commercial Court

The Commercial Court hears disputes involving shipping, insurance and banking, and in 80 percent of cases involves a foreign party.

Employment Appeal Tribunal

The Employment Appeal Tribunal hears appeals from local Tribunals from around the country, considering appeals regarding points of law arising from these decisions.

Patents Court

The Patents Court is part of the Chancery Division, but concerns itself with appeals relating to the registration of patents, designs and trade-marks.

Local Courts and Tribunals

Participants may also wish to visit a court or tribunal near their constituencies, which could include one of the Mercantile Courts around the UK, local Crown Courts or Employment Tribunals.

Chancery Division

The Chancery Division works with some overlap with the Commercial Court, but is also concerned more broadly with company and insolvancy law.

Administrative and Planning Court

The Administrative and Planning Courts hear appeals relating to local administration and planning decisions, often concerning questions of law that arise from regulation.

Court of Appeal, Criminal Division

The Court of Appeal, Criminal Division deals with sentencing and conviction appeals. Participants can expect the focus to be on health, safety and environmental matters.

Competition Appeal Tribunal

The Competition Appeal Tribunal hears cases involving competition and regulatory issues, ranging from mergers and market references, to regulators of electricity and gas.

Technology and Construction Court

The Technology and Construction Court deals with construction and engineering disputes, which also includes negligence, property disrepair and IT disputes.

Upper Tribunal (Tax and Chancery)

The Tax and Chancery Upper Tribunal's jurisdiction covers the entirety of the United Kingdom's tax cases, including points of law relating to charity and land registration.