How Do Fellowships Work?

Fellowships are educational, non-lobbying attachments for parliamentarians, providing a unique perspective of the challenges and issues facing UK industry. Fellowships are available to all parliamentarians, including MPs, Peers and senior House staff from the Houses of Parliament, and also for MEPs from the European Parliament. They can take place in a range of organisations, from FTSE 100 companies to SMEs and voluntary organisations.

What Does It Involve?

Every Fellowship is different as they are based around each parliamentarian’s learning objectives. Attachments can focus on areas as broad as understanding the Financial Services or on specific issues, such as, inward investment or sustainability.

For a parliamentarian, they can choose to undertake: 

  • A Fellowship: consists of 15 days of placements with one or several companies, where there is the opportunity to learn about organisations at every level. From board meetings to active on-the-job visits, Fellowships provide dynamic opportunities to grasp the issues facing the UK economy
  • An Associate Fellowship: consists of five days of placements over the course of a year and offers parliamentarians an overview of a key business sector or issue of their choice. The programme can range from an introduction to a key sector such as financial services or energy to an in-depth look at a key business issue or individual organisation. It can also count towards full Fellowship of the IPT 

For industry, a Fellowship is an opportunity to engage UK legislators with a direct interest in your business. An attachment can be as long or as short as you choose and provides the opportunity to support the parliamentary process through demonstrating your operating environment, challenges and successes.

Why Do Parliamentarians Take Part?

Parliamentarians gain first-hand insight into business processes and industry issues, including:

  • An understanding of the decision-making, planning, investment-appraisal and budgeting processes
  • An understanding of the impact on business performance of government policy and of British and European legislation
  • An appreciation of the major challenges facing UK industry in the short, medium and long-term

The IPT is embedded into Parliament and provides a safe space for parliamentarians to engage with industry in an organised, constructive and educational environment.

Why Do Organisations Take Part?

Hosting an IPT Fellow is an excellent way to foster a deeper understanding of UK industry in Parliament. However, it is also a two-way process. By bringing parliamentarians into their business, host organisations have an opportunity to engage with them in a constructive dialogue in a non-lobbying framework; and to learn about the political process from those intimately involved in it.

  • Download 'Bridging the Gap' for more case studies from businesses that have taken part in the Fellowship programme

Fellowship Principles

  • Transparent: Fellowship information is publicly available and the IPT publicises visits through social and other media
  • Educational: Fellowships are based on specific learning objectives
  • Independent: Fellowships must be organised through the IPT and not independently
  • Non-lobbying: The IPT is fully committed to a non-lobbying approach

Guidelines and Expenses

Parliamentarians and organisations participating in IPT Fellowships are required to abide by the rules set out in the Fellowship Guidelines. These rules ensure that attachments are non-lobbying, non-partisan, transparent, accountable, follow an educational ethos and are compatible with the rules set out by the House authorities.

IPT guidelines on the provision of expenses for Fellowships, either through the IPSA expenses scheme (House of Commons) or Financial Support for Members' (House of Lords), are incorporated into the IPT Fellowship Guidelines, in the Appendices. This section also includes information on the registration of Fellowships (where appropriate) with the House authorities. Participants should refer to this document for further information or contact the Parliamentary Affairs Manager with any questions.

The IPT Fellowships Team

For more information on the Fellowship programme please contact a member of the Fellowship team:

Elizabeth Dawson

Parliamentary Affairs Manager

0207 839 9405

Alex Reeves

Parliamentary Affairs Officer

0207 839 9412

Radhika Madlani

Parliamentary Affairs Officer

0207 839 9404

Bridging the Gap

Find out more about the IPT in the latest edition of Bridging the Gap, with case studies looking at Fellowships, and more information about events and training.

Sector based Fellowships

Nicky Morgan MP

Bespoke programmes designed to develop an understanding of a specific issue or sector with several types of different organisations.

Single company Fellowships

David Davies MP

A full 15 day Fellowship within one organisation with the aim of gaining shop-floor to board room understanding of the business.

Industry Visits

Group visits

Industry Visits are designed to take cross-party groups of parliamentarians out of Westminster and to give them a first-hand insight into innovative UK businesses.

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