Legislation Training

Course Date(s)

27 October 2017

1/2 day
Houses of Parliament
IPT Training Contact
Mark Perry

Mark Perry

Training Coordinator

020 7839 9414

Legislation Training is a detailed, half-day seminar designed to provide a thorough examination of the legislative process. It provides in-depth insight into the different types of Bills and Statutory Instruments, how they are scheduled and the progression of legislation up to the Royal Assent.

Delegates will hear the best way to engage with the legislative process from experts intimately involved with procedure. Former speakers include ministers, MPs, peers and Public Office Staff. The course is delivered on the parliamentary Estate.


This course aims to provide delegates with full knowledge on the procedural mechanisms involved in the passage of a Bill, particularly looking at:

  • How legislation is drafted and influenced.
  • The consultation process.
  • Private Members Bills (PMBs), 10 Minute Rule Bills, Ballots Bills and Presentation Bills.
  • Who Should Attend

    This course is important for anyone who may come into working contact with Parliament or works in an environment which is directly related to Parliament and has an interest in developing their knowledge of how to effectively engage with the legislative process.

    It is well suited to company personnel, civil servants and academics interested in achieving strategic insight into engaging with legislation.

Price and Booking

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