Corporate Governance: Aligning Business, Investors and Public Interest


Iain Wright MP, Chair, Business Energy and Industrial Strategy Select Committee


Keith Skeoch, Chief Executive Officer, Standard Life


Tuesday, May 23, 2017


7:00 PM


House of Commons

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James Heyburn

James Heyburn

Events Officer

0207 839 9421

IPT Dinner Discussion
The Prime Minister has committed to an overhaul of UK corporate governance to reform boardroom practices and rebuild trust in big businesses. The Financial Reporting Council also recognises that the UK’s corporate governance framework needs to evolve to meet the changing expectations of society. As we look ahead to possible reforms, how can the corporate sector build greater public trust, support long-term economic growth and respond to the aspirations of a wider range of stakeholders? This dinner discussion will examine the following issues:
  • How boardrooms can improve their focus on sustainability and their wider duties in relation to long-term success, stakeholders and the communities in which they operate
  • The importance of an equity based culture as a means to align the interests of society and the corporate sector
  • How to strengthen and extend companies’ accountability and transparency in relation to the scrutiny of leadership in UK businesses.
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