Cyber Security Commission


Phil Naybour, Thales; James Artbuthnot MP; Nick Coleman, IBM; Duncan Hine, University of Warwick
The Industry and Parliament Trust's Cyber Security Commission report was published at a parliamentary reception in June, following a series of evidence gathering sessions including a dinner with keynote speakers, and a delegation visiting Brussels to discuss UK and EU cyber security co-operation.

The Cyber Security Commission began it's work in February 2014 on a two day delegation to Brussels, Belgium, which included a number of briefing sessions and discussions between the Commissioners and prominent individuals from the digital and cyber security industry. As a follow up to the Brussels visit, the Commission then met for a follow-up dinner in March which built open the themes and topics developed on the Brussels visit.

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Read the Report

Read the Cyber Security Commission's final report, "Cyber Security 2.0, Reflections on the UK &EU," published at a parliamentary reception in June 2014.

Cyber Security Report Launch

Find out more about the parliamentary reception held to launch the report, Cyber Security 2.0, including comment from James Arbuthnot MP

The Commission Visits Brussels

Read more about the Commission's visit to Brussels, which included a briefing from the European Commission's Joint Research Centre about cyber security.

Cyber Security Reflection Dinner

Following the Commission's delegation to Brussels, the IPT hosted a dinner to reflect on the Commission's findings, and further develop the report.

The Commission's Members

  • David Abrahams
  • Professor Richard Aldrich
  • Carla Baker
  • Rachael Bishop
  • Dr George Christou
  • Lynne Coventry
  • Christian Engstrom MEP
  • Denise Hewlett
  • Dr Duncan Hine
  • Jane Jenkins
  • Cornelia Kutterer
  • Dr Christopher Laing
  • Andrew Miller MP
  • James Morris MP
  • Stephen Mosley MP
  • Nikki Muckle
  • Anna-Verena Naether
  • Tim Parsons
  • Jonathan Sage
  • Jessica Smith
  • Professor Tom Sorell
  • Professor Tim Watson
  • Colin Whittaker
Additional Participants
  • Sajjad Karim MEP
  • Robert Madelin
  • Emma McClarkin MEP
  • Dr Steve Purser
  • Sir Graham Watson MEP