Finance and the City


Finance and the City was an Industry and Parliament Trust (IPT) study programme for parliamentarians. Senior executives from some of the world's leading financial institutions joined the programme, briefing parliamentarians on a wide range of topical issues concerning banking and the financial services.

The IPT's Finance and the City programme has run in a number of formats for over ten years. The latest Finance and the City programme included ten sessions from a number of prominent speakers from the financial services industry, finishing with a dinner, "Restoring Faith in the Financial Services" in July 2013.

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Finance and the City Podcasts

The IPT met with John Griffith-Jones, Chairman of the Financial Conduct Authority, and Steve Baker MP to discuss how we might go about restoring faith in the financial services.

Read the Report

Read the Finance and the City report, published in 2013. The report features analysis from some of the programmes contributors.

Private Capital and the UK

Ian Hall, Finance and the City rapporteur, writes following a June 2013 event, "Private Capital and the UK Economy."

Alternative Perspectives on Finance

Ian Hall, Finance and the City rapporteur, considers different approaches to finance, specifically Islamic finance following the event "Alternative Perspectives on Finance."

The Role of Mutuals

Alex Smith provides some comment and analysis following a briefing session from June 2013 "The Role of Mutuals in the Financial Services."

Access to Finance for SMEs

Ian Hall, Finance and the City rapporteur, comments following a briefing session "Access to Finance for SMEs."

Risky Business - Financial Risk

Ian Hall provides some analysis following a briefing session in February 2013 "Risky Business? Understanding Financial Risk."


Finance and the City heard from a number of guest speakers, with their briefings contributing to the final report.

Chair of Finance and the City
  • Paul Kearney
  • Anouar Adham
  • George Anson
  • Dr Mehment Asutay
  • Dr Ulf Axelson
  • Andrew Bailey
  • Mark Florman
  • Joe Garner
  • John Griffith-Jones
  • Professor Martin Parker
  • Professor Richard Payne
  • Chris Ralph
  • Professor Danny Ralph
  • Alison Robb
  • Chris Sullivan
  • Mark Weil