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The Industry and Parliament Trust regularly engages in research work in collaboration with parliamentarians, businesses and universities that explores some of the UK's most topical policy issues. This page features some of the latest research conducted by the IPT.

The IPT is becoming increasingly engaged with research, producing a number of reports each parliamentary year that cover numerous policy issues from around the globe. Typically, an IPT report will be based on a series of events organised by the IPT with the assistance of a representative from business and academia. The IPT welcomes guest contributions to the reports and commissions webpage from parliamentarians, supporting organisations and partners. Please contact Rioco Green to find out how you can get involved. 

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Shaping The Future

The Shaping the Future Programme, working with Innovate UK, explores how businesses are embracing innovation to create more dynamic, efficient and innovative products. This programme will discuss how innovation is crucial to the future of the UK’s economy.

Resilient Futures

Working with the European Commission Representation in the UK, the Industry and Partliament Trust explores the relationship between UK and European finance and energy policy, in this the Resilient Futures programme.

Parliamentary Research

Parliament Westminster Bridge

Find out more about Parliament, legislation and political procedure in this research page based on research conducted by the IPT, and our experiences from the Houses of Parliament and Institutions of the European Union.

Cyber Security Commission

The IPT and the University of Warwick published its report following the Cyber Security Commission in 2014, exploring cyber security at a UK and Europe-wide level.

Sustainability Commission

The IPT's Sustainability Commission working in collaboration with the University of Birmingham Environment & Energy, Economics & Management Cluster, the final report was published in February 2015 with Foreword by Rt Hon Caroline Spelman MP.

Youth Skills Commission

The Youth Skills Commission was organised by the Industry and Parliament Trust (IPT) and UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES), with the report published in July 2014.

Finance and the City

Finance and the City explored different approaches to the financial services industry, with IPT collaborating with Kleinwort Benson publishing the findings in 2013.

Smart Cities Programme

The Smart Cities Programme, working with the University of Warwick, explores how data and technology are being used to create cities of the future. Following three events, a final report is due to be published in Summer 2015.

Food Supply Chains Commission

Working in collaboration with Food Ethics Council and the University of Warwick, the Industry and Parliament Trust's Sustainable Food Supply Chains Commission ran during 2014 and published it's final report in October.

Sustainable Energy Commission

The IPT published the Sustainable Futures: Energy Commission report in 2013, produced in collaboration with ESCP Europe.