Resilient Futures Programme


The Resilient Futures Programme seeks to address the timely issue of whether European financial institutions are able to cope with global financial uncertainty, and whether our energy sourcing and supply is efficient and sustainable.

The Industry and Parliament Trust’s (IPT) Resilient Futures programme, working in collaboration with the European Commission Representation in the UK, University of Birmingham, Energy UK and the British Bankers’ Association, aims to stimulate debate on the two key areas of European legislation: finance and energy. The programme seeks to explore these areas, whilst concurrently teaching greater understanding of how the European institutions function.

Within the context of financial resilience, the project will consider whether the UK’s participation in the EU’s banking union fosters significant benefits or consequences. In addition, the programme will explore whether EU policy helps or hinders the addressing of energy and environmental challenges. As such, the focus will be on two policy areas:

Finance: banking union, resilience, and the repercussions for financial services;

Energy: the relationship between EU energy legislation and UK energy landscape, making energy resilient.

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Finance Events

Financial Regulation and Harmonisation in the EU
11 March 2015

Capital Markets Union: Creating Resilience and Preventing Crisis
24 March 2015

Ending Too Big to Fail
14 April 2015

Banking Recovery and Resolution: Comparing Regulation Inside and Outside the Eurozone
21 May 2015

Energy Events

The Landscape of EU Energy Legislation
17 March 2015

Affordability for Households and Businesses
12 May 2015

Security of Supply
11 June 2015

Diversification and Innovation of Sources
24 June 2015

Carbon Reduction
9 July 2015

Resilient Futures: Energy

Read the final collection of essays considering how resilient Europe's energy market is, with Foreword by Lawrence Slade, CEO, Energy UK.

Affordability for Households and Businesses

As the cost of gas and electricty for households rise, find out more about what more the Government could be doing to help reduce the costs of energy on the consumer in the this guest blog.

Barriers to Engagement in the Retail Energy Market

Monica Giulietti, Associate Professor of Global Energy from Warwick Business School considers some consumer concerns regarding the switching of energy provider in this guest blog.

Capital Markets Union: a Welcome Start

Lord Harrison, Chair, Lords European Union Sub-Committee Economic and Financial Affairs, discusses the Capital Markets Union, and the impact this will have on the UK in this guest blog.

Blog: Europe - Small is Beautiful?

Gwyn Dolben of Energy UK takes a look at European energy policy, following an IPT event The Landscape of EU Energy Legislation in March 2015.

Resilient Futures: Finance

Read the final collection of essays exploring how resilient Europe's finance market is, with Foreword by Anthony Browne, CEO, BBA.

A Great Race? Capital Markets Union

What is the Capital Markets Union and how might it effect investment in the UK and Europe? This guest blog considers whether the race to a Capital Markets Union should be a marathon or a sprint.

"Too Big to Fail" and Best Regulatory Practice

Richard Anderson, former Vice President at the Federal Reserve Bank in St Louis, USA, considers the "Too Big To Fail" problem, and what regulatory practuce can best ensure the safety of depositors assets in this guest blog.

Towards a European Energy Union?

Francis McGowan from the University of Sussex considers whether the European Union's approach to energy policy might lead the EU towards an Energy Union, with a collective approach to energy sourcing and supply in this guest blog.

Commentary: Can Greece Escape the Doom Loop?

Following the IPT's first session of the Resilient Futures Programme, Professor Andrew Mullineux considers the current legislative framework within the Eurozone, and whether Greece can survive the 'Doom Loop'.

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