Responsible Banking: The Evolving Responsibilities of our Banks


The Lord Bilimoria CBE DL, Economic Affairs Finance Bill Sub-committee


Tuesday, November 21, 2017


7:00 PM


House of Commons

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Georgina Nicolettos

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IPT Dinner Discussion

The British Bankers Association defines sustainability and corporate responsibility as addressing the bank’s environmental impact, diversity and community investment. In 2013, a number of UK and US banks invested £968m into communities worldwide. While the Prime Minister has committed to an overhaul of UK corporate governance to reform boardroom practices and rebuild trust in big businesses, the Financial Reporting Council also recognises that the UK’s corporate governance framework needs to evolve to meet the changing expectations of society. As banks have formed part of everyday life, the question remains; what is their social responsibility to society? This dinner discussion will:

  • Explore the changing role banks play in today’s society beyond that of a corporate entity
  • Consider whether banks are successfully fulfilling their social obligations through ethical initiatives
  • Look at how Government and regulators can support UK banks to develop a strong commitment to sustainable development and corporate social responsibility.
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