Shaping the Future


The Industry and Parliament Trust (IPT), working in collaboration with Innovate UK, is delighted to present our new Shaping the Future Programme, a series of events held in the Houses of Parliament. The programme will provide a platform for industry and parliament to explore how businesses are embracing innovation to create more dynamic, efficient and innovative products, and discuss how innovation is crucial to the future of the UK’s economy and boosting productivity.

The programme will also consider how we can harness our world renowned expertise in engineering, science and technology to ensure the UK is at the forefront of technological advancements in areas such as autonomous vehicles, robotics and smart cities, and that we are primed to take advantage of the many opportunities these create for new and existing businesses.

Drawing on research from Innovate UK’s forthcoming five year strategy, Shaping the Future, the IPT is delighted to invite parliamentarians and senior business representatives to participate in this series of events taking place over 2016-2017. Please see below for more information.

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For further information on the Shaping the Future events programme please contact:

James Heyburn

Events Officer

020 7839 9421

The Importance of Innovation to the UK Economy

The political and economic environment is changing, with developments often coming more rapidly than we can develop ways to manage them. Now more than ever, a productive and strong economy is vital, and helping businesses capitalise on rapidly changing technology is central to making that happen.

How Technology will Shape our Future Cities

Efficient, adaptive and smart technologies are being integrated to shape the city of the future, with connected transport, healthcare and wider infrastructure systems all working to benefit citizens’ well-being. It is essential to explore which technologies and integration approaches are driving future cities and how cities across the UK are developing and implementing new technologies to help create the city of tomorrow.

Healthcare of the Future: Greater Efficiency Through Innovation

Healthcare will face some enormous challenges in the future; with population growth, an ageing demographic and the increasing burden of diseases, there is pressure on hospitals and care providers to improve their efficiency. There is hope that innovation in healthcare, such as research into precision medicine and IoT technology, can foster more efficient diagnosis and treatment procedures.