The UK’s Infrastructure Resilience: The Effects of Flooding on Modern Times


Adis Omeragic, Head of Special Projects, EE

Professor Roger Kemp, Professor of Engineering, Lancaster University


Tuesday, February 28, 2017


8:30 AM


House of Commons

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IPT Breakfast Meeting
Over the years, people have become increasingly dependent on modern technologies for the successful working of infrastructure sectors. The threats posed by natural disasters are therefore causing a much bigger set-back than ever before and it is important to understand how the UK’s infrastructure can survive when floods do occur within our cities and local communities. This breakfast meeting will: 
  • Give us the opportunity to hear from research academics on the reality of floods and how people and local infrastructure have survived 
  • Explore how mobile operators are using innovative technologies to solve coverage and communication problems during natural disasters 
  • Examine the Government’s flood resilience review and what actions can be taken to prioritise this for protection of infrastructure.
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