Transport Connectivity: The Driver of Regional Economic Growth


Iain Stewart MP, Parliamentary Private Secretary to Liam Fox as Secretary of State for International Trade


Andy Cooper, Managing Director, CrossCountry Trains

James Cooper, Chief Executive and Executive Director of the Board, Associated British Ports

Tim Hawkins, Group Corporate Affairs Director, Manchester Airports Group


Wednesday, June 21, 2017


7:00 PM


House of Commons

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Azed Butt

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IPT Dinner Discussion

According to a recent report by the Independent International Connectivity Commission, the North of England specifically is missing out on growth and jobs due to poor transport connections, namely within airports and ports. It has been suggested that integrated infrastructure can boost regional productivity and improve overall trade benefits and business growth of the UK. A recent survey by the Confederation of British Industry found that businesses were concerned that UK trains are at full capacity, roads are too congested, and passengers are general dissatisfied with the reliability of digital connections. This dinner discussion will:

  • Explore the current and future transport connections to identify the potential of unused capacity for domestic and international gateways
  • Consider how road, rail, airports and ports of the north can play an increasingly important role in driving greater levels of regional investment, trade and tourism to the UK
  • Discuss how the Government’s Industrial Strategy can promote transport resources across the UK to boost regional economies and ease pressure on other regions of the UK
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