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About IPT Events

IPT events are intimate roundtable discussions which focus on a topical area of policy and ask critical questions in a balanced and inclusive way, facilitated by senior decision makers within industry and Parliament. These meetings address the gaps in communication between the arenas of industry and Parliament and enable insight and mutual understanding between the two.

Supported by academic commentary and cutting-edge research, the delegates of the meeting will share their perspectives and experiences of the issue to facilitate peer-to-peer engagement in a safe environment under Chatham House Rule. These discussions aim to build up sustained debate and allow industry and Parliament to reflect on how best to work together on an issue.

Breakfast Meetings

Breakfast Meetings are roundtable events covering a wide range of topical cross-sector issues relevant to both the business community and Parliament. Supported by guest speakers from industry and academia and chaired by an MP or Peer, the meeting allows attendees to ask critical questions in a balanced and inclusive way. These events last for one hour.

Dinner Discussions

Dinner Discussions are framed around keynote contributions by guest speakers from business and academia. Chaired by an MP or Peer, the discussions provide the opportunity for Parliamentarians and industry representatives to ask questions and share their own insights and experiences. These events last for two hours and fifteen minutes. 

Virtual Events 

Taking place on Zoom, these one-hour sessions allow Parliamentarians and business representatives across the country to discuss critical policy issues and share knowledge and experience framed around a specific topic area. Chaired by an MP or Peer, virtual events include a short introduction from a Parliamentarian and keynote contributions by guest speakers from business and academia.


The Events Team

For more information on the IPT Events programme please contact a member of the Events team:

Zara Afolabi

Events and Training Manager

+44 (0)20 7839 9417


Rebecca Hayton

Senior Events & Communications Officer

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Isabella Clery

Events and Training Assistant

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