COP26: Building Sustainable Businesses Post-COVID | IPT
Speaker: Douglas Lamont, Chief Executive Officer, Innocent Drinks
Dinner Discussion


Tuesday 19 October 2021


House of Commons

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Ethical consumer spending reached record levels in 2019 amounting to just over £41 billion, a fourfold rise since 1999. A study also found that 77% of shoppers are willing to prioritise retailers and brands with strong ethical and environmental values. In recent years there has been a growing focus on environment, social and governance (ESG) factors within businesses, with many companies focusing on sustainability, alongside charitable giving and involvement in social enterprises. Meanwhile, the Financial Conduct Authority has promised to challenge firms it deems to be ‘greenwashing’. While the COVID-19 pandemic and economic crisis has led to a shift in both business priorities and consumer behaviour, studies maintain that the consumer emphasis on ethical consumption is still increasing.  With that in mind, how can businesses balance profit and purpose and show that sustainable capitalism can work in the long run?

This event will:

  • Consider how to measure ESG standards across business, including the B Corporation certification and what the Better Business Act can achieve
  • Discuss the role of greater business sustainability in helping the UK reach its climate and recovery goals
  • Explore the benefits of ESG focus and engagement across the workforce and local areas
  • Examine how COVID has impacted consumer and business focus and capability to invest in more sustainable business practices