Creating a Digital Health Ecosystem | IPT
Speaker: Dr Rob Hastings, Medical Director, Research and Life Sciences, Novartis UK
Speaker: Amit Aggarwal, Executive Director, Medical Affairs, The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry
Breakfast Meeting


Tuesday 25 October 2022


House of Commons

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, there was significant disruption to medical care. GP services were reduced, and many patients turned to online consultations to access solutions, accelerating the need to create healthcare ecosystems. The UK is home to the largest number of digital health start-ups founded in Europe between 2010 and 2020. The UK has a leading role in research, the unique role that the NHS plays, and the flywheel effect from the overall start-up ecosystem all played a part. In June 2022, the Government pledged to tackle the COVID-19 backlog and make lasting reforms of the healthcare sector. How can a Digital Health Ecosystem help to solve this problem?

  • Discuss any safety implications of sharing personal data through digital health channels.
  • Consider the possible cost-saving potential that a digital healthcare ecosystem can offer to consumers.
  • Explore existing Health Ecosystems established in the UK and what role they will play in bringing together key organisations in their area.