Digital Decarbonisation: Digital Innovations for Clean Energy | IPT
Chair: Alan Brown MP, SNP Spokesperson for Transport and Energy
Speaker: Tracey Herald, Head of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability, O2
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Wednesday 10 March 2021


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In 2018, the commercial sector was responsible for 18% of UK CO2 emissions, just behind homes. From 2025, listed and large private companies will be required to disclose clime threats and the Committee on Climate Change has stated that it will primarily be businesses that deliver the net-zero target and provide the bulk of investment. The Clean Growth Strategy has highlighted the role that digital technology can play in underpinning efforts to decarbonise the economy. The Government’s £1.1bn digital connectivity package includes the 5G TestBeds and Trial programme, which has so far trialled nearly 70 5G technologies, products and applications. 5G connectivity is crucial to the delivery of wide-scale Internet of Things (IoT) technology, such as smart electrical systems, digital healthcare technology and clean transport. It is estimated that digital technologies will have the potential to enable a 20% reduction in global CO2 emissions by 2030. How can the government and industry work together to decarbonise through smarter technology?  

This event will:  

  • Consider what role digital innovations can play in building back better and greener  
  • Explore how 5G will enable optimise resource consumptions 
  • Examine energy savings through the growth in smart industries