Digital Identities: Building Trust in Digital Services | IPT
Speaker: Aiyapan Sivadasan, Head of eBanking and eCommerce, EMEA, Thales
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Wednesday 17 March 2021


This is an online event

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The digital sector is worth £400m a day and contributed £149bn to the UK economy in 2018, meanwhile reports have shown that the digital identity market could add 3% to UK GDP by 2030. Figures from 2019 show a 32% rise in identity fraud over five years, with an increase of 18% from 2018. Nine in ten logins globally are bots trying to attack passwords or using stolen information to infiltrate accounts. When the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme launched online on 13 May 2020, 2.6m people made claims, including 1.4m who had no prior digital identity credentials and had to pass through HMRC’s identity verification service. There is increasing use of biometric data as part of digital ID to access mobile apps and online banking via face ID. A new Digital Identity Strategy Board has developed six principles to strengthen digital identity delivery and policy in the UK: privacy, transparency, inclusivity, interoperability, proportionality and good governance. A Document Checking Scheme Pilot has also launched, allowing up to 11 private sector organisations to confirm the authenticity of passports using government data on behalf of businesses. With increasing use of digital identities, what would constitute a robust, secure digital ID system that enables efficient access to a range of services? 

This breakfast meeting will: 

  • Consider how verified digital identity could be used to access services, including remote access, age-verification and prevent fraud 
  • Discuss how to ensure interoperability needs to build a consistent system 
  • Explore users control of their data, including ability to share limited information with different providers 
  • Examine the difference between identification and authentication in digital identity.