Meeting Net Zero: Decarbonising Heat | IPT
Chair: Lord Duncan of Springbank, All-Party Group on Energy Studies
Speaker: Professor Roger Kemp MBE, Professorial Fellow, Engineering Department, Lancaster University
Speaker: Randolph Brazier, Director of Innovation and Electricity Systems, Energy Networks Association
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Wednesday 02 February 2022


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Heat in buildings is one of the UK’s largest sources of carbon emissions, accounting for 21% of the total. Only about 5% of homes currently have low carbon heating, with 85% or 24.5m homes heated by natural gas. Decarbonising heat is essential to meeting the UK’s net zero goals. The government has announced a series of policies to induce the move towards low carbon heating, including the target for all homes to have a category B or C energy performance certificate by 2030 and a £5,000 government grant to households to install low-carbon heating sources through the Boiler Upgrade Scheme as part of £3.9bn worth of funding. A £60m innovation fund has also been launched to make clean heat systems smaller, easier to install and cheaper to run. With a global squeeze on gas supplies, how can the UK quickly move to low-carbon heating systems?

This event will:

  • Consider how quickly consumers are likely to commit to low-carbon heating options such as heat pumps and hydrogen boilers
  • Explore the skills base required to ensure that every home that wishes to switch can do so in good time
  • Discuss what innovations are required to bring down upfront costs of new low=carbon heating options