Pioneering Innovation in Healthcare | IPT
Chair: Carol Monaghan MP, SNP Spokesperson, Science, Innovation, Technology and Education
Speaker: Clare Trippett, Principal Strategic Opportunities Manager, CPI
Speaker: Adam Sisson, Vice President & Head of Oral Health R&D , Haleon
Breakfast Meeting


Tuesday 27 February 2024


House of Commons

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Since the COVID-19 pandemic, health inequalities have deepened in society, further heightened by an ageing population who require treatment for long-term chronic health problems. The effects of this have exacerbated an already difficult situation leading to unsustainable demands in primary, acute and mental health services. The pandemic also resulted in limited face to face evaluation and highlighted the need for more intelligent, connected and portable medical solutions. Nearly 81% of leaders in healthcare organisations across the UK and Ireland say keeping pace with patient needs is one of the main factors driving innovation initiatives within their organisations. Leading health experts suggest that there is a need for personalised care with, for example, advancements in genome sequencing that could help to provide bespoke therapies. As we continue to see a rapidly ageing population worldwide, what innovation in healthcare is needed to help combat emerging diseases?

The event will:

  • Consider what role technology can play in alleviating pressure on the health service and what innovation in the sector can do to support future medical programmes.
  • Discuss how best to drive innovation in this sector and what frameworks could be implemented to help healthcare providers provide life changing products.
  • Examine what private sector investment is needed to help guarantee funding for SMEs that are producing innovative medical technologies.