Reaching Net Zero: Decarbonising Steel | IPT
Chair: Miriam Cates MP, Vice-Chair, Steel and Metal Related Industries APPG
Speaker: Jay Hambro, Chief Investment Officer, GFG Alliance
Speaker: Dr Zushu Li, EPSRC Fellow in Manufacturing, Advanced Steel Centre, Warwick University Manufacturing Group
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Tuesday 11 May 2021


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Eight industrial sectors currently emit around two-thirds of industrial carbon emissions, with steelmaking responsible for roughly 15% of industry emissions. For every tonne of steel created, 1.8 tonnes of carbon dioxide are produced during manufacture. The Committee for Climate Change has called for steel to be close to zero carbon emissions by 2035. A Clean Steel Fund call for evidence in 2019 highlighted the difficult global environment for the steel sector and its strategic importance. The value of the UK steel sector is expected to grow to £6bn by 2030 and a Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy commissioned report identified future domestic market opportunities worth over £3.8bn per year. At present 96% of steel used in construction in the UK is recycled and re-used and the sector supports over 100,000 jobs, including in the supply chain. The Government has announced a £250m funding programme to help steel transition to a low carbon alternative. With the Government committed to a ‘green industrial revolution’, how can steel and other heavy industries be decarbonised and create new jobs?

This event will:

  • Consider how to promote the use of green energy to power steel making through solar panels, wind turbines, marine energy, hydrogen and carbon capture and storage.
  • Discuss how to form a long-term, collaborative plan between industry and Government to decarbonise the sector, including supporting the growth of green jobs in the sector
  • Explore how to decarbonise heavy industry in the UK whilst remaining globally competitive