Reducing the Digital Divide: Increasing Connectivity across the UK | IPT
Chair: Selaine Saxby MP, Chair, Broadband and Digital Communication APPG
Speaker: Jeanie York, Chief Technology Officer, Virgin Media O2
Speaker: Elaine Carey, Chief Commercial Officer, Three UK
Breakfast Meeting


Tuesday 05 December 2023


House of Commons

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The UK Government has committed that everyone will have access to full fibre or gigabit capable broadband by 2025. U-switch data confirms that the number of homes able to get gigabit-capable broadband continues to increase, with nearly 19.3mn homes (66% of all UK homes) able to access these faster services — up from 13.7mn (47%) in December 2021. Project gigabit is the biggest broadband roll out in British history, backed with £5bn to deliver faster connections to hard-to-reach areas. The number of available skilled workers to build out the network remains a key challenge to the success of the rollout and a clear strategy may be required to ensure adequate labour is available to meet the requirements. As the target for connectivity approaches, what measures need to be implemented to ensure a successful execution of delivery? 

The event will:

  • Examine how SMEs in rural locations disproportionately suffer from poor connections and low speeds.
  • Explore how digital connectivity can lead to better economic growth for the UK economy.
  • Discuss the best strategy to build out the network and have a large enough workforce to achieve the goals set.