Supercharging the Race to Electric Vehicles | IPT
Chair: Matt Western MP, Vice-Chair, Electric Vehicles APPG
Speaker: Ian Howells, Senior Vice-President, Honda Motor Europe
Speaker: Randolph Brazier, Director of Innovation and Electricity Systems, Energy Networks Association
Speaker: Dr Brian Price, Aston Institute of Urban Technology and Environment, Aston University
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Monday 10 May 2021


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With the ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars brought forward from 2040 to 2030, the UK now has the second nearest fossil fuel vehicle abolition date in the world. Part of the Government’s ‘green industrial revolution’, it is intended to help tackle climate change and lead to large scale ‘green’ job creation.  The UK car industry is in an accelerated transition to electric vehicles and consumer demand is increasing, with the 2020 sales of battery powered vehicles doubling on the previous year. However, significant challenges remain including expanding charging infrastructure and building consumer confidence and affordability. How can the UK maintain its longstanding position in the global car market while meeting its 2030 deadline and delivering an effective electric vehicle rollout?

This event will:

  • Examine the future skills required in the automotive sector to drive innovation and the potential of electric vehicles in creating large scale ‘green revolution’ jobs
  • Explore the logistical challenges facing the industry in meeting the 2030 deadline, including building consumer confidence in the greener alternatives to petrol and diesel vehicles
  • Review the reliability, interoperability and provision of electric charging points and the of charging networks across the UK