UK Energy Strategy: The Role for Solar and Tidal | IPT
Speaker: Adam Berman, Deputy Director of Policy for Solar and Tidal, Energy UK
Speaker: Dr Toby Willison, Director of Quality and Environment, Southern Water
Dinner Discussion


Monday 24 October 2022


House of Commons

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The Energy Security Strategy (ESS) stated that 95% of the country’s electricity could come from low-carbon sources by 2030, with a renewed focus on accelerating renewables due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. As of 2021, the UK’s total solar capacity stood at 14.6GW. Tidal is thought to be capable of providing 11% of the UK’s electricity needs and Scotland has almost 50% of the world’s total installed capacity. Tidal has been included in the Contracts for Difference scheme and the ESS has promised to ‘aggressively explore’ tidal energy technology. The ESS stated that the government will consult on rules for solar projects, particularly on domestic and commercial rooftops, radically simplify planning processes for new projects and pledged to look at facilitating low-cost finance for solar deployment whilst making solar panels the presumption in new homes and buildings. Trebling solar capacity by 2030 would see carbon emissions cut by 4.7% and could stimulate an estimated £17bn in additional economic activity. As the UK looks to accelerate renewable electricity provision, what role will solar and tidal play in reducing our reliance on fossil fuels?

This event will:

  • Consider how the planning process could be changed to help rapidly deploy solar projects across the UK
  • Explore how best to harness tidal energy sources to provide electricity
  • Examine the skills and financing required to deliver projects at speed and scale.