Royston Smith MP: Reflections on his IPT Fellowship | IPT

Royston Smith Has been the MP for Southampton Itchen since 2015. Royston undertook an IPT Fellowship to learn more about a variety of subjects including ports and the skills and training required to undertake essential construction work. Royston’s fellowship took him to a variety of destinations, including the Port of Dover, the Thames Tideway Tunnel, Barratt Developments and DP world.

We asked Royston to tell us his in own words why he signed up to the IPT Fellowship Programme and what he got from the experience.

Why did you sign up for the IPT Fellowship Programme and how did you first hear about it?

I was recommended it by an MP who had already completed the IPT fellowship. I signed up because I realised what a fantastic opportunity it was to talk to professionals and learn first-hand from them. 

What were your highlights during the IPT Fellowship Programme?

Visits. You learn so much more and so quickly when you see things in front of you. Crossrail, Thames Tideway, and London Gateway were potential highlights, but none of the visits disappointed. 

How has the IPT Fellowship Programme helped you in your role as a parliamentarian?

In many ways it helped me understand some of the many challenges in delivering large infrastructure projects. Projects we mostly take for granted.