The Earl of Caithness: Reflections on his IPT Fellowship | IPT

The Earl of Caithness has been an active member of the House of Lords for many years, having served in a variety of ministerial positions and on numerous committees. The Earl’s IPT Fellowship was centred around on sustainability, with a particular focus on recycling and the Circular Economy. Malcolm visited a wide variety of businesses during his fellowship including Viridor, BASF, Haleon, Nestle and Budweiser Brewing Group.

We asked the Earl to tell us about why he decided to undertake an IPT Fellowship Programme and why he found it be a valuable experience.

Why did you sign up for the IPT Fellowship Programme and how did you first hear about it?

I had heard about the Fellowship Programme at the excellent dinners and breakfasts hosted by IPT and, with an increasing national and global interest in the Environment, I wanted to expand my knowledge, by discussing with businesses, in an area about which I ought to know more. After discussion with IPT, and with their help, I chose waste, recycling and the circular economy.

What were your highlights during the IPT Fellowship Programme?

With COVID the initial meetings were on zoom and, when it was over, I was glad to into factories and offices to see and talk to people face to face. There were a wide range of excellent visits organised including to BASF and their highly specialised recycling plant. I was impressed by the way recycling and waste were driving most companies’ plans and innovation.

How has the IPT Fellowship Programme helped you in your role as a parliamentarian?

It is critical that one knows what is talking about during debates in the House of Lords and thus the knowledge gained was hugely important together with the contacts made whom I could discuss matters when discussed in Parliament.