Baroness Neville-Jones: Reflections on her IPT Fellowship | IPT

Pauline Neville-Jones is a Conservative peer, having entered the House Lords in 2007 following an extensive career in the Civil Service and the BBC amongst others. Pauline undertook an IPT fellowship to gain a greater understanding of the new technology that’s driving the fourth industrial revolution.

We asked Pauline to tell us in her own words why she signed up to the IPT Fellowship Programme and what impact it has had.

Why did you sign up for the IPT Fellowship Programme and how did you first hear about it?

I signed up when offered to learn more in depth about cyber and talk to professionals, especially, but not exclusively, in the commercial world.

What were your highlights during the IPT Fellowship Programme?

I was able to explore the developments in AI and machine learning which I would have found it hard to learn about in other ways. The highlights were too numerous to mention. All the-very varied- visits were extremely interesting and I was impressed by the way in which senior people in the organisations visited were willing to give up their time to talk.

How has the IPT Fellowship Programme helped you in your role as a parliamentarian?

Increased knowledge has greatly helped in understanding the legislation coming forward to regulate the online world.