COP26: Britain’s Nuclear Future | IPT
Chair: Charlotte Nichols MP, Select Committee on Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy
Speaker: Paul Spence, Director of Strategy and Corporate Affairs, EDF Energy
Speaker: Andrew Storer, Chief Executive, Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre
Breakfast Meeting


Tuesday 19 October 2021


House of Commons

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The United Kingdom has 15 nuclear reactors generating roughly 16% of electricity need, however half of this capacity is to be retired by 2025. The Energy White Paper highlighted the role of nuclear in meeting the Prime Ministers Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution. The Government has stated its aim to have at least one large scale nuclear project to the point of final investment decision by the end of this Parliament. The Nuclear Sector deal attributed £200m to drive down the cost of nuclear energy, with a goal to reduce the cost of nuclear new build projects by 30% by 2030. £385m will also be provided in the Advanced Nuclear Fund to developing Small Modular Reactor designs by the early 2030s and build an Advanced Modular Reactor demonstrator. With electricity demand expected to quadruple up to 2050 and the gas shortage posing a problem in September, what role will nuclear energy play in generating low carbon electricity? 

This event will: 

  • Discuss the role that nuclear facilities could play in meeting emission targets, including large-scale and SMR projects. 
  • Consider the skills and workforce required to staff and innovate the industry.
  • Explore the supply chain base required to support nuclear projects.